Rules and regulation [Molyvos Urban MTB Open]

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By enrolling, the participants accept and respect the procedure terms of the competition, comply with the instructions of the Organizing Committee, the security managers and the judges. Moreover, the participants are aware that they will be moving in a mountainous and rutty area and they will be exposed to the weather conditions of the area the day of the event. Please note that athletes participate in the race under their own responsibility and after a written statement that is registered in the electronic registrations system. The organisation monitors the trails as much as possible in order to prevent any inconveniences and provides medical assistance to athletes who may need it, with the help of the Medical Team and other volunteers. In case the security team or the judges suggest to the athletes to change their route for safety reasons, the athletes are obliged to follow the instructions. Denial to do so will lead to disqualification.


The Organizing Committee together with the Judges Committee may decide to change the trails if it is considered that the safety of the athletes is jeopardized in any way. They may also decide to postpone the beginning or even cancel or postpone the event due to bad weather conditions or force majeure. In all cases any changes-alterations will be communicated through the Official Event Website, the day before the event, or through announcements during the day of the event. Any change considered necessary by the Organizing Committee is not to be questioned.


In the Control Points with the relevant signs on them, there will be medical help from specialized medical staff that will handle any issues that the athletes may have. A Doctor in charge will be present, as well as a group of volunteer Doctors of various specializations coordinated by the Doctor in Charge. If a Doctor decides that the conditions of an athlete does not allow him to proceed with the race, the athlete should hand in his race number, should not proceed further and should follow the Doctor’s advice. In all the checking points, the athletes may report any medical issues and in some checking points first aid is provided, as well as a first aid kit for minor injuries.


Τhe participation fee is 10 euros for registrations until 25/5/2019 and 15 euros for registrations from 26/5/2019 until 8/6/2019.


The below mentioned transgressions of the rules lead to disqualification:

  • Not showing or damaging the race number.
  • Accepting assistance from persons who are external to the race.
  • Use of mechanical means of transportation.
  • Throwing garbage.
  • Improper behavior towards other athletes.
  • Not complying with the rules of the judges.
  • Improper behavior towards the Organizing Committee, judges, volunteers, etc.
  • Abandoning fellow athlete in need or omission to inform judges or checking point attendants, will lead to disqualification from any future event.
  • Not registering at a checking point.
  • Use of forbidden substances or drugs.
  • Denial to be checked up by the Doctor of the event at any time this might be considered necessary during the event.
  • Quitting the race and omission to report this to the judges or the checking point attendants will lead to disqualification from any future event.
  • Shortcuts
  • Any other improper behavior will lead to punishments accordingly or disqualification from any future participation to any Molyvos Urban MTB event.


Any objections can be put forward only by the athletes themselves, maximum 30 minutes after the end of their race at a cost of 20 Euros. Each objection should be made in written form at the Organizing Committee. The final judgment of the Objections Committee is made before the award of the medals at the latest. The committee is composed of the Head of the Judges, the Head of the Committee and the Head of the checking points of the area concerned with the issue raised.


With their enrolment in the race athletes consent to be recorded and photographed during the trails and award ceremonies by the organizers, for communication reasons. They are also aware that they might appear in photographs or videos without prior authorization or notice and therefore they cannot claim any remuneration, from any published material.


The event organizers have the right to prevent an athlete from completing the race if there is a similar decision made by the Doctor of the race. The organizers are not liable for the death, injury or any other health issue of the athletes. By enrolling to the event, participants guarantee that they are aware of the dangers that may lie in a mountainous course and that they are sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the event and have been recently checked by a Doctor. No certificates are required though, and all participants are responsible for their own health conditions. The Committee is not liable for the physical integrity of the athletes who should behave responsibly in possible difficult and dangerous points of the trail. The Organizers are not liable for any economical charges for the requirement of external help for an athlete.


Cyclists are required to:

  1.  be at the starting point of the race 60 minutes prior to its commencement.
  2. wear a protective helmet throughout the race.
  3. exhibit respect and sportsmanship towards the other cyclists, the race committee and the athletes’ escorts.
  4. display mandatory identification numbers which are provided by the organizers. The dimensions and numbers are not subject to any changes.
  5. The first three (3) cyclists are required to appear at the podium for the announcement of the winners.
  6. The organizers are in no way responsible for any breaking or damaging of bicycle frames or peripheral parts of the bicycles.

All participants (and escorts) accept these hereby stated regulations and are obliged to adhere to them with their participation in the race. All participants take part at their own risk for any accidents or damage, loss or destruction of racing materials, clothes, bicycles, etc.

For anything not foreseen in the notice or in the basic regulations of the E.O.P., the Ground Jury of the Race Committee will make the necessary changes immediately, having the right to amend the races when required.

For more information about the event, please call +30 698 068 11 84 or send an email at


The organizers hold the right to modify the present rules regarding the procedure of the event without prior notice, should it become necessary. Under no circumstances these modifications will change the character of the event.

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